Frequently Asked Questions and Troubleshooting

Before requesting support, we ask that all users first go through this page and search and identify their issue. We are momentarily a team of three trying to moderate and provide support to over three hundred users, which can sometimes prove to be difficult in terms of providing individual and extensive support.

We have made this page in hopes that you will be able to troubleshoot the issue and fix it yourself with the information given. If this page does not help, then please come over to our help channel on Discord! Note that we will prioritize support for CodsMP related or caused issues. If you have other issues with your game, then please try to look the issue up or use other mediums. We will still do our best to help everyone!

Active and known issues:

Please make sure you use 1.0 US for a game version! You can download it from this link.

If you are experiencing crashes, or your model doesn't automatically apply, please download the newest test version .asi from the #testing-builds channel on our Discord.

Make sure you have all of your C++ Redistributables updated. You can easily update them with this link. If they're not updated, CodsMP will most likely not work!

If you believe your crashes are caused by custom models, try to use ThirteenAG's Open Limit Adjuster. You can also try Whitetigerswt's bug fixes.

  1. I downloaded the file but it doesn't have any extension!
  2. The download file is supposed to be a .zip. If that doesn't automatically happen, then simply add .zip to the end yourself. The issue likely has to do with your browser.

  3. The mod is detected as a virus when I download it — the .asi deletes itself when I start my game and doesn't run.
  4. It is possible that older versions of codsmp.asi could be detected as a virus by Windows Defender or other antiviruses. It is a false positive and this has been confirmed by Microsoft after a request has been submitted, which has by now expired. You shouldn't have any issues with this with the latest version, but if CodsMP fails to load and you believe it being detected, then please follow this guide to set exception in Windows Defender.

  5. I put your mod in my game and nothing happens! I don't see the text.
  6. Please make sure that you updated your DirectX installation and your C++ Redistributables. Make sure you get the x32 or x86 versions. Additionally, make sure to have Silent's ASI Loader in your game, as it is required. Other ASI loaders might not work, so we can only guarantee compatibility with Silent's (which is popular and known.) Some users are also fixing this issue by installing CLEO or putting CodsMP in a 'scripts' folder, however we can't determine why at this time.

    Please make sure that codsmp.asi is located in your game folder. Sometimes your antivirus software can remove it from the game under the pretense of a false positive; check the answer above for details.

  7. I put your mod in my game and it starts crashing.
  8. Please make sure that you are using a 1.0 US copy of the game. We can recommend you use this link. Please note that we are going under the assumption that our users have a legal copy of the game available. If you believe your crashes are caused by custom models, try to use ThirteenAG's Open Limit Adjuster. You can also try Whitetigerswt's bug fixes.

    We are only referring users to a version stable and recommended for modding. It is also optimal to downgrade your game, we can recommend this YouTube tutorial from Vadim M: How to Downgrade Steam Version (whether you are on Steam or not doesn't matter).

    Please also make sure that you are not using any incompatible mod. Try to take individual mods out of your game and identify what might be the issue. Some hints could be:

    1. SAMP.asi, which comes from SAMP Addon. This was fixed in newer versions.
    2. hooks.asi. This generally comes from a first person mod. Please download this version, which is what we optimized on and should be compatible with us. Keep in mind that you could have any of the two .asi's inside modloader or your scripts folder, and that will also result in a crash.

    If this still persists, then refer to the Virtual Store clearing instructions, redownload the mod, and install it in your game again.

  9. I get a pop-up telling me something about my first person mod.
  10. Please follow the instructions shown on your screen. The version you are using is not stable with CodsMP, and we ask that you use version 3.5, which can be found here.

  11. I get an 'unauthorized access' error when trying to use mods or use commands.
  12. First try to restart your game and see if the issue persists. If it does, please refer to the Virtual Store clearing instructions, redownload the mod, and install it in your game again.

  13. I deleted CodsMP but it's still working?
  14. Please make sure that you deleted it from the game you are currently running. Otherwise, please follow the Virtual Store clearing instructions.

  15. Mip-mapped textures don't work.
  16. CodsMP appears to not be compatible with these textures. We found the best fix for the time being to be using Junior_Djjr's Mix Sets and set everything under "Quality" to max: 100, 3, 3, 3. Anisotropic needs to be set to 16 and ForceAnisotropic needs to be turned on. (thanks, Opysium!)

  17. Where are the screenshots saved?
  18. In the same folder as usual, but they're named differently after the time you took the pictures at. You can sort your folder by date modified or any other criteria in order to get to your pictures.

  19. Why are screenshots .jpg (or .bmp) now? How do I change it?
  20. They are now in a compressed type. If you want a high quality version (.bmp file), change the setting in your .ini file or type /screens hq in game. If you want to turn the feature off and go back to normal SA-MP screens (.png) use /screens in game.

  21. How do I disable auto updates?
  22. Set "AutoUpdate" to false in the .ini file. If you don't have that, type /autoupdate in game, or create an [Internal] category and add the line yourself, as seen here. Note that disabling automatic updates, you might miss out on security and usability patches, and we will generally not provide support for older versions of CodsMP for this reason.

  23. I get stuck on the SA-MP splash screen/I get stuck on a CodsMP screen/my game stays black and doesn't start.
  24. If this happens, press your escape button twice and your game should continue as expected. Otherwise, you can also set QuickLoad to false in the configuration file.
    This should not happen on newer versions of CodsMP.

  25. My game crashes when I press escape or tab out.
  26. Please note that this can happen due to SAMP Addon's anti-pause feature sometimes, and it can also happen due to the optimization feature of CodsMP. Try to set your GameOptimizations setting to false or go in game and type /optim 0. It should stop happening after you restart your game.

  27. Clearing your Virtual Store folder
  28. An older version of CodsMP was incorrectly updating itself, sometimes resulting in crashes or the mod not being able to update itself, as well as the mod staying in your game after deleting it. If you still have CodsMP installed even though you think you deleted it, or an old version keeps showing up, then this can be the reason.

    Simply access your Local folder (C:\Users\Name\Appdata\Local) and open the VirtualStore folder. You should be able to spot CodsMP inside and delete it.

  29. My game closes sometimes/closes when I tab.
  30. If your game just randomly closes without having a crash window show up, try to remove your custom_models folder from your game.
    If it stops happening after you remove your custom_models folder, you can add it back in, but move codsmp.asi to your "scripts" folder (comes with Silent's ASI Loader). This will let you use custom models and not have your game close anymore.

  31. I don't see shadows.
  32. Make sure your game optimization settings are turned off (either through the .ini or use /optim in game).