CodsMP is a modification for SA-MP 0.3.DL R1 that aims to improve general gameplay and bring additional, non-advantageous client functionality.

A few of the features that CodsMP provides include:
  • Automatically updates with the newest features upon game start. (can be disabled)
  • Connecting to 0.3.7 servers is possible with the DL client as well.
  • Minimap zoom can now be disabled. (thanks, The Drunk!)
  • The FrameNode character length error will no longer show up. (thanks, The Drunk!)
  • The /pagesize command now goes up to 50.
  • Configurable settings through an .ini file.
  • Quick-loading feature allows your game to load much quicker.
  • Custom model feature allows you to set specific skins to specific players as well as yourself.
  • Custom weapon models can be applied to specific players as well as yourself.
  • Fixes ImVeFt (IVF) issue resulting in cars being colored black or losing colors.
  • Colors the majority of your SA-MP UI with personalized colors.
  • Resolves various game and SA-MP crashes.
  • The /hudscalefix command will always save.
  • Your chat logs will be automatically archived.
  • Objects will now break with the correct animation.
  • Blueberry lag is fixed with a new building removal method.
  • No delay when quitting the game (/sq allows you to force-crash instantly).
  • Fixes a SA-MP bug freezing your character when entering or exiting a vehicle which despawns.
  • /tackle can be automatically disabled after a chosen amount of time.
  • The phone animation works inside cars now (will not be synced with other players).
  • Plates can be replaced with vehicle IDs.
  • Taking screenshots is a lot faster and is no longer limited to 1000 screenshots.
  • Support for instant reloading of SAMP 0.3.DL cache files, only working for skins right now.
  • Cars can have original game dirt textures on them again.

CodsMP provides an alternative to the 'skin changer' mod you know and love, instead allowing you to use an in-game command to set your skin to any model name you have placed in a special folder. They also save upon reloading the model, so for example someone exiting and entering.

It also comes with the possibility of assigning specific player names to specific custom models, which allows you to apply a specific model modification on a specific player! This means that you can have someone's private mod show up only on them and nobody else with the same default model that they have.

Instructions for setting up custom models are the following:
  • Create a 'custom_models' folder in your GTA:SA root folder.
  • (Optional) Create additional folders inside your GTA:SA root folder to help you organize.
  • Put the .dff and .txd of your skin in the format of 'Firstname_Lastname'.
  • (Optional) If you want the skin work with a specific skin ID, then use the 'Firstname_Lastname_SkinID' format.
  • The skins should now work and apply themselves. Refer to model-related commands below for more uses.

  • If you want to use custom weapon models, use the same steps above but replace the skin ID with the desired weapon model ID. For example, you would use 'Firstname_Lastname_348' for a Desert Eagle mod.

In game, you have access to the following commands to help you with custom models:
  • /sq - closes the game, simulating a force crash. Abuse can lead to server punishment
  • /screens - adjust better screenshots options
  • /ivffix - toggles the ImVehFt color fix
  • /optim - adjust game optimization options
  • /diagrestore - toggles dialogs saving your selection
  • /skinid - get the skin id of a player you've previously streamed in
  • /reloadmodels - reload models
  • /model - change your ped model to a specific custom model
  • /fmodel - change another players ped model to a specific custom model
  • /debuglog - prints debug information to debug.log
  • /autoupdate - toggles automatic updates for this mod
  • /minizoom - toggles the radar zooming in while driving a vehicle
  • /pedmodels - displays a list of custom ped models

The configuration file can be edited as follows:
    DialogRestore = true/false
      This enables/disables the dialog selection saving feature.
    AntiCrash = true/false
      This enables/disables anti-crashing measures implemented by CodsMP.
    QuickLoad = true/false
      This enables/disables the loading screen skip and other performance optimizations in game loading.
    UseCustomSplash = true/false
      This enables/disables the custom CodsMP loading screen.
    EnableSkinning = true/false
      This enables/disables the custom skin colors, changeable at the bottom of the configuration file.
    ReloadCommand = rld
      This changes the command used for reloading some of CodsMP's settings. Can be any string of text.
    MinimapZoom = true/false
      This enables/disables the minimap zooming seen when driving at high speed.
    ForceCrashCommand = sq
      This changes the command used for force crashing. Can be any string of text. Abuse can be punished.

    ImprovedBuildingRemoval = true/false
      This enables/disables the improved building removal feature, fixing Blueberry lag and optimizing the game.
    UseGameVehicleTxd = true/false
      This enables/disables the vehicle dirt normally seen on cars.
    FastQuitting = true/false
      This enables/disables the delay seen when quitting the game, where the game freezes for a second.
    GameOptimizations = true/false
      This enables/disables the game optimization options of the mod.
      Keep in mind that using texture or other mods with this can cause issues.
    GameOptimizationAggressiveness = 2
      From 0 to 3, the game optimization settings can be changed. GameOptimizations needs to be set to 'true' for this to work.
    CacheMonitoring = true/false
      This enables/disables the ability to instantly change server cache skin mods without having to relog.
    CustomPlayerModels = true/false
      This enables/disables the custom models functionality.
    ChatOptimization = true/false
      This enables/disables a feature removing possible lags or freezes when a lot of chat text is sent at once.
    BetterF10Hiding = true/false
      This enables/disables the revised F10 interface removal.

    Enabled = true/false
      This enables/disables the 'better screenshots' feature altogether.
    HighQualityScreenshots = true/false
      This enables/disables high quality screenshots in a different format which also take up more space.
    DualScreenshots = true/false
      This enables/disables taking two screenshots instead of one, where one automatically has the SAMP user interface removed.

    IVFCarColorFix = true/false
      This enables/disables the Improved Vehicle Features fix for hidden colors.
    DriverDoorFix = true/false
      This enables/disables the fix making your character to try and open a locked car driver door.
    BrokenObjectFix = true/false
      This enables/disables the object breaking animation fix.
    HudscaleFix = true/false
      This enables/disables the /hudscalefix save function.

    DisableTackleTimer = 0
      Any number in milliseconds can be used to automatically disable the /tackle command on LS-RP.
      By default, 120000 is set, and represents two minutes of time.
    CarPhoneAnimFix = true/false
      This enables/disables the possiblity to have your character use the phone animation while inside a car.
    UseIDForPlate = true/false
      This enables/disables the feature setting car plates to the vehicle IDs instead.

    FPSFixes = true/false
      This enables/disables various FPS fixes which come at framerates above 25.
    FrameDelay = true/false
      This enables/disables the fix removing frame delay (also seen in Silentpatch).