CodsMP started as a passion project and I am happy that it was able to have such a positive impact on the final year or so of LS-RP (as well as other servers, where it continues to be used to this day). I am unfortunately no longer active in this scene and lack any desire to continue work on this project. I have decided to archive the old website as a result. Download links are provided at the bottom of this page.

I'd like to extend a large thank you to everyone who has participated in this mod: using it, testing it in the early days, testing it in the later days, providing feedback, and more.

I'd also specifically like to thank my core team, who assisted greatly in the continued development and maintenance of this mod:

Dropper, colorlessrainbow, Opysium, and Blurem

This modification may become open source at some point. The Discord Server will remain open for the time being:



Archive Download: .exe .zip